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Date of Establishement:

This Special Panchakarma & Massage Center was inaugurated by Hon'ble Health Minister of Maharashtra State Sh. Digvijay Khanvilkar on 6th July 2000 with a view to provide all the services related to Massages , fomentations and other Bio-purification procedures to the people at genuine rates in the best possible way according to the Ayurvedic principles. The major aim was to encourage the practice of pure Ayurvedic Science in this new era of commercializing Ayurveda in hotel industry as well as in below standard Ayurvedic Centers.inning is described elsewhere.

What is Panchakarma

Ayurveda is one of the major ancient sciences of India. The very fact that it still remains a vital health-care system shows its viability and inherent strength. It has imbibed the trends of the times as it evolved through the ages. The aim of Ayurveda is two folds, to maintain and promote the health of healthy and to treat the illness of the diseased. For serving these purposes various health regimens and treatment modalities have been described. As far as the treatment methods are concerned Ayurveda has described the use of shaman (Palliative treatment) and Shodhan (Bio-Purifaction methods) methods. The latter incorporates the five modes of purification, which include Vaman(inducing emesis), Virechan(inducing purgation), Nasya(nasal insufflations and instillations), Basti(medicated enemas) and Rakta mokshana(blood letting). These five techniques of bio purification done through several procedures purify the body system by removing toxic materials from the body. These purification methods are essential components of the curative management of those diseases that are not amenable to palliative management.
Various massage treatment methods; the use of different techniques of oil application and the use of fomentation methods are an prerequisite and adjuvant to these Panchakarma treatments. These specialized techniques have high medicinal value and are applied to treat many diseases, which are even otherwise not manageable by conventional methods of treatment.

Importance of Oil massages & fomentations

Oil are used in a great amounts for external applications in the Ayurvedic method of treatment. Whereas internal administration of ghee is done as a preparatory method for Purifactory procedures like Vaman, Virecha etc external application of various medicated oils is done to treat a number of aliments. Massage treatment forms a mandatory part of all types of purification procedures. Neurological diseases are a special indication for different types of Ayurvedic massages and different fomentation methods. These oleation therapies and Massage therapies are advocated according to the disease conditions, the part affected (Localized or Generalized), and the requirements of the patient. These therapies are briefly discussed here.

Why this center

Growing demand and increasing popularity of Ayurveda has lead to the establishment of various centers all over the world. Though with the advancement of the modern science investigative methods are able to diagnose various diseases but no satisfactory methods of treatment are still available for many diseases. The whole world is looking towards India with a great degree of hope in providing specialized treatment with the Ayurvedic way. Panchakarma and Massage therapies provide a high and positive prognostic value to the diseases that are considered to be medically unmanageable. Arya Vaidya Shala at Kottakal in Kerala is rendering great services in this field and many states have followed suit. Considering the fact that one wishing to have Ayurvedic treatment as an option considers Kottakal as the last stop, therefore a need was felt to start such a center in Mumbai too. There could not be a better place than Podar hospital to start such a center in Mumbai.
Podar hospital has been rendering its services for more than fifty years in the field of Ayurveda. Now with the whole motivation and assistance of Govt. of Maharashtra a "Special Panchakarma and Massage center" has been started in this hospital. The Health minister Shri Digvijay Khanvilkar in the presence of other dignitaries, the State Health minister, the Secretary of Medical Education, the Director of Medical Education and Drugs and other eminent Ayurvedic physicians inaugurated the center on 6th of July 2000. A live show of all the procedures on different patients was done and shown to be respected guests and the invitees.
The center comprises of six self contained two bedded rooms for the patients to be kept in house for Panchakarma therapies. The equipments made for Panchakarma and massage therapy are designed using modern technology and ancient wisdom. Besides there are separate Panchakarma treatment units for males and females. The staff engaged to render services at this center has been trained at Arya Vaidya Shala, Kottalal. The essential philosophical fundamentals of the traditional system are retained and modern techniques are employed.
After proper examination of the patients necessary Panchakarma or massage therapy is advised. Those requiring in-house treatment are advised to get admitted in the specially designed rooms. A 24-hour medical attention is ensured. The center is committed to rendering value-added services to the society.

A Short Introduction To Panchakarma.