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 Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical industry collaborates with academic institutions to promote Ayurveda

Left to right are:
1. Dr. K. R. Kohli, Dean R. A. Podar Medical College(Ay)
2. Mr. K. D. Shroff, MD of Charak Pharmaceuticals.
3. Mr. D.M. Parikh, MD of Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.
4. Mr. G. S. Gill IAS, Secretary to Govt. Of Maharashtra on Medical Education And Drugs Dept.
5. Mr. Ravi Prasad, CEO & President of Himalaya Drug Company.
6. Mr. Ranjit Puranik, CEO of Shri Dhootpapeshwar Ltd. Mumbai.

A meeting was called by the government of Maharashtra for the industry and academic correlation for the common purpose of promoting Ayurveda at national and international level. There was an excellent response in the form of CEOs and Managing Directors of Himalaya Drug Company, Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd., Shri Dhootpapeshwar Ltd. Charak Pharmaceuticals all participating actively in this meeting. This meeting was chaired by the Secretary of Medical Education and Drugs - Mr G.S.Gill in the campus of Podar Ayurvedic institutions at Worli, Mumbai - 18.

    Dr. K.R.Kohli, the Dean of Podar Ayurvedic institutions, made the purpose of the meeting known in detail. The Secretary to Government Mr G.S.Gill further made it known to the members that Govt. of Maharashtra was serious on promoting Ayurveda. He stressed that the time was mature for the industry now to actively participate in globalising Ayurveda in the correct form. Mr Ravi Prasad, President and CEO of Himalaya Drug Company insisted the need of promoting Ayurveda as contemporary medicine and not as an alternative system of medicine. He emphasized on the need of taking up the regulatory issues related to licensing of drugs with the European nations and U.S.Mr.D.M.Parikh, managing Director of Zandu Pharmaceutical Works supported the views of Mr. Ravi Prasad.

    Mr. Ranjit Puranik was vocal about immediate formation of a society comprising of the Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical industry and the experts of Ayurveda, which can disseminate knowledge of Ayurveda in the language that people understand. He also expected this kind of society to build bridges to impart knowledge of Ayurveda to doctors of other systems of medicine. Mr K.D.Shroff, MD of Charak pharmaceutical was also of the same opinion. Mr. Sunil Duggal, CEO of Dabur India Ltd. Extended whole hearted support for industry academia partnership in this proposed society through his letter as he could not attend the meeting.

    It was decided that this society would function for promoting contemporary Ayurveda Research and Education. Secretary Govt. of Maharashtra would be the Chairman and the MD/ CEO of one of the Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical companies will be the co - chairman. Dr Kohli, the Dean of Podar Ayurvedic institution shall function as the General Secretary of the Society. Membership shall also be offered to the travel agents of repute as their help was thought to be mandatory in the globalisation of Ayurveda and in promoting Ayurvedic medical tourism. A point was also made that procedures like Panchkarma which have become popular worldwide should be taken up by the Pharmaceutical industry for improvisation.

    Mr. Gill offered allotment of space in the campus Podar institutions for the functioning of the society. Membership of the society will be open to all Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals and eminent Ayurveda physicians.
The meeting ended with a note that Ayurvedic pharmaceutical industry whole-heartedly supports such relation with the industry and academia.