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For last 60 years and more the hospital is following the principles of humanity and services to mankind. It enjoys the unique position of the only Ayurvedic hospital with large number of OPD and IPD patients. It is the only Ayurvedic hospital run by govt.of Maharshtra that has 24 hours casualty services.

It has the facility of 7 wards, which includes

1. Charak Ward: Male Medical Ward;
2. Sushrut Ward: Male Surgical Ward,
3. Panchakarma Ward(General),
4. Female Medical Ward,
5. Female Surgical Ward and
6. General female panchakarma ward.
7. Kashyap Ward: Gynaecology and Obstetric Ward

The total patient capacity of the hospital is around 210 beds, which is almost full to the capacity through out the year. The IPD is supported with several modern equipments like ECG, Centralized oxygen system, Nebuliser, Ultrasonography etc.

Special Panchakarma Centre

Growing demand and increasing popularity for pure Ayurved has lead to the establishment of this Centre. The Centre is specially designed by using modern technologies and ancient wisdom. It has the facility of 6 double-bedded rooms for admistting the patients. All the procedures of Panchakarma are performed religiously by specially trained male and female masseurs under the supervision of senior physicians and that too at very reasonable prices. One has to book in advance for getting admission in this ward. Email for this purpose is

THE OPD's - hospital is running successfully various OPD's according to the specialities. It includes OPD's for -:

1. Kayachikitsa
2. Shalya Tantra
3. Shalakya Tantra
4. Stri-roga and Prasuti tantra
5. Panchakarma
6. Dravyaguna
7. Rasashastra
8. Nidan-Panchak
9. Kriya Shaarir
10. Samhita
11. Sharir Rachna

Hospital is also running various disease specific Special Out Patient's Clinics such as

1. Diabetes,
2. Skin and dermatological problems,
3. HIV / AIDS,
4. Rasayan and Vajikaran,
5. Tuberculosis(proposed)
6. Anorectal diseases (every day).

Other facilities provided by this hospital are-:

1. Basic Pathological Investigations
2. Biochemical Investigations
3. ECG
4. X-Ray
5. Sonography
6. Pulmonary Function Tests

These all facilities are provided at a very minimal charge so that poor patients can not be deprived from the basic healthcare need.

Operation Theatre

Hospital is having well equipped and well managed operation theatre for major and minor operative procedures. Several surgical procedures like hernia, hydroceal, appendectomy, anorectal surgeries, gynecological procedures like DNC, hysterectomy, tubal ligation, Caesar and various ENT and Ophthalmic surgical procedures like cataract, stye, auroplasty etc. are performed routinely by surgeons.

This institute has a grate historical significance in contributing the well being of society. Still, even after 60 years it is following the same path with the noble cause.

Ksharsutra Clinic

A special Clinic for Anorectal Disorders is being run exclusively for the special Ksharsutra (Ayurvedic Medicated Thread) Treatment. This treatment has been rated as the best available management for Fistula in Ano with minimum (almost negligible) recurrence rate. This being a treatment that can be done just by a weekly visit to the clinic also makes it superior to other modes of treatment, as there is minimum wages loss. The procedure is done with out inducing any anaesthesia.


Future Plans-:

1.CEPISAY institute representing Ayurvedic Pharma industry and Academicians is being established by the efforts of Dean Dr.K.R.Kohli. This institute will conduct several CME programmes, short-term courses for doctors of other systems of medicine, for foreigners and for layman in separate modules. This center shall also organize workshops, seminars, conferences and all such other programmes to propagate Ayurved in masses and classes. It shall be a HUB for all those interested in Ayurved, be it common man or a highly qualified practitioner of Ayurved or from any of the allied branches of medicine.
2. A drug research library is planned for the extensive herbal research in Ayurvedic field.
3. An Internet Laboratory will be created for PG student to facilitate their research work.
4. All departments of this institute will be connected with each other and to the Dean's desk by means of computer networking.
5. Computerization of hospital administration is underway.

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